Sanskar Bharati Rangoli

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This is Sanskar Bharati Rangoli Style - very famous in Maharashtra.

"Sankar Bharati" rangoli pattern - Decorated with floating candles

Diwali Rangoli Designs

diwali rangoli designs, sanskar bharti rangoli design

This is a simple sanskar bharti rangoli design.  Semi circular rangoli designs can be drawn in space constraint areas. 

Tip: For Diwali place diyas in the center and in the outer circles. It will look very glorious.

Mural Painting

Swastik Rangoli Design

This is a simple sanskar bharti or you can say a freehand rangoli design. The swastik has been drawn artistically with curved loops. The "jaali" design is drawn by sprinkling rangoli held between four fingers.

Swagatam Ragoli / Freehand Rangoli

These are some main door swagatam style rangoli. Semi Circular and simple free hand rangoli.